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Friday, April 13, 2007


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fenba said...

To Charlie's parents, family, and friends
Upon reading in the G & M of Charlie's deathI don't think I have been so emotionally stressed since the assassination of President Kennedy. The loss of an Icarus spirit such as Charlie pains even a complete stranger compelled to add his voice and expression of sympathy to the couintless messages you no doubt have received.
Felix Cherniavsky

Anonymous said...

paulgregorykennedy@rogers.com said: I have an immediate kinship with young Charlie insofar as I have done some extensive bike touring during my teens and twenties - I was in fact sorting some 'Greece' slides taken on my 1986 big tour, for scanning and sending to a touring acquaintance from north Germany this very evening, who's been waiting 20 years for his snaps, when I came across the sad notice of Charlie's passing. Often on my solo trip, I would holler - usually to no-one but myself that 'this is a good day to die' like some Indian brave, when doing my thing on my bicycle on some road far from home. Be consoled, loved ones of his, that he was no doubt of 'like' spirit and, in a way, was likely as happy as I was during the times of loneliness and struggle and hardship the solo traveller experiences - he was ALIVE out there and loving every sweatdrop and raindrop, God bless him. PROMOTE REAR VIEW MIRRORS FOR CYCLE TOURISTS AS THEY CAN GIVE CYCLISTS THAT EDGE NEEDED TO SKIRT DEADLY CALAMITY.

Fon said...

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Josephus said...

Charlie moves like the wind through my native land. I was moved by the images he captured while here. We welcome your spirit and thank you for visiting us. Bless you and your family. j