I'm biking really really far this summer

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Almost Ready!

I gave notice at my job a while ago. I finish next Friday. I have gathered all my gear. Several hundred dollars, as well as a shopping spree at MEC with my mum later, and I have everything that I can think of that I will need. Maybe even too much! My bike is in the shop getting some final work done on it. I have my flight leaving for Vancouver on June 1st. I have my guidebooks and maps, I have a compass. I have the desire to get out on the road ASAP.

Things to come shortly for your amusement (before I leave for the trip):

Photos of me
Photos of my bike
Photos of my stuff

Various information about me
Various information about my bike
Various information about my stuff

Highlights will include the gram by gram annotation of everything I plan to bring. For instance, my notebook weighs 335 grams. This is verging on unacceptable, but its a nice notebook so I'll stick with it. My mum was trying to convince me to take a cup with me but she was showing me all these crazy double walled stainless steel mugs! At the very most I need a small single walled hard anodzied cup! Do I even need a cup? Well, if I do end up needing one I'm sure there might be one or two opportunities to find one on the way...

PS. If anyone sees any problems with the deisgn of this page or the colours render the text illegible let me know so that I can change it. Thanks! I hope you enjoy following me along my future adventures!

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