I'm biking really really far this summer

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Leaving tomorrow!

Holy Crap I'm so busy. I know I promised you all excel spreadsheets of my stuff and pretty pictures, but I have been so busy this past week my head is going to explode. I made the excel spreadsheet and then my computer crashed on me suddenly, so no excel spreadsheets or pictures for you... yet. I have my bike packed up in a box right now, after having barely just built it up in the first place. I'm just about to do a checklist of all the stuff in my panniers, charge my electronics, tidy my room up for the last time, and then have a party where I will probably be shaving my head. I had a list of things to do 2 pages long and right now its just down to just 8 things to do, thank god!

Next update will be from the west coast!

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Caroline said...

My Darling Charlie
2 years ago yesterday, you and I had lunch at Sushi time on Queen street, we then went to the bike shop to collect your bike. I took two photos of you , very bad ones as I can't see your face. Then there on the street I have you a long hard hug and you promised to keep us posted and stay safe.I left you quickly before you could see the tears to go to the airport for the trip back to Dubai.My last hug I still can feel it. I love you and miss you everyday Charlie.
all my love Mum xxxx