I'm biking really really far this summer

Friday, June 08, 2007

Day 4 (Courtenay - Nanaimo 110km)

I woke up feeling refreshed and was on the road by 9:30am. Highway 19A
south was pretty busy the whole day, but reasonably flat compared to
the day before with a nice wide shoulder most of the way. After lunch
the 19A merged into the 19 and I was on a full on freeway with trucks
passing me at 100+km/h sucking me along and towards them while I
shrieked. Still, its easy stuff compared to maniac toronto taxi drivers and SUV vigilantes.

I stopped every 20km to stretch and have some snacks, and diligently drank water or Powerade
every 15 minutes when my watch beeped. I also had plenty of caffeine in
the form of Starbucks (Thanks again RED people for the Starbucks
card!), and Japanese Black Black chewing gum which I think I am now addicted to.
Today I rode ~110km and I still feel nice a fresh. I also spent the
whole day on the big chainring.

BC is really beautiful with giant cedars everywhere, and an incredible amount of wildflowers pretty much covering everything thats
not occupied by giant cedars. So far my wildlife sightings include 2
woodpeckers, 2 deer, 1 raccoon, 1 garter snake, 1 large frog, and
various other pretty birds I can't identify. I also saw an old black
dog just walking around in circles in the middle of the highway so I
shoved him off the road so he wouldn't get killed. This happened to be
in front of an alpaca farm with loads of the dopey looking things frollicking around.

Tonight I wussed
out of camping and signed into a hostel because it may rain tonight and
I didn't want to deal with a wet tent and gear, and I'd like to walk
around downtown Nanaimo which I am about to do right now.

Tomorrow I
plan to get down to Victoria which is another ~110km and since its
forecast to be rainy I'll have extra incentive to be quick! I was
tempted to go to Tofino instead, (and still am) but I don't think it will
work out because its going to be rainy all weekend, and apparently the
ride over there is dicey with narrow windy roads with plenty of RVs, and a big fat long hill.
Also if I were to take the bus I'd have to deal with my bike which
would be a pain. Still, I know I'm going to regret skipping it, rain and bad roads or not.

Next update will be from the BC capital!


Caroline said...

My darling boy
You wanted comments on every day but we all sent you emails instead now there is no record . Your description of the day is awesome, I am right there with you right up to the washing and clean warm clothes in the morning. You were always resourceful and practical.
I love you and miss you

Caroline said...

My darling Charlie
I will never forget the old black dog, you had such a soft heart. I love your descriptions. I miss you
Mum xxxoooo

Caroline said...

My Darling Charles, (I always loved that name)Your pictures for this day are so evocative, I wonder if you and Barley have met up with that old black dog. I miss you so so much my lovely boy xxxxx all love Mum ooooo

Caroline said...

My darling Charles
This is one of my favorite days, the wild flowers, the ease with which you cycled 110 kms , the old black dog who I hope is with you and Barley.
I miss you everyday and every hour.
I love you xxxx your mum

Caroline said...

My Darling Charlie, I am on the road again with you. I am in Canada with your second parents, the Laziers . How I wish it was you who met me at their door like it used to be. I miss you with all my heart, please come to me in my dreams xxx mum