I'm biking really really far this summer

Monday, June 18, 2007

Day 13 (Westport - Long Beach 141km)

I started the day feeling really great, and wanted to cover a lot of miles since its not all that scenic. I tried calling Dad for Father's day but he ended up being in Bahrain and I wasted a bunch of phone card ending up talking with Mum! I got a flat soon in to the day and patched it while it started to rain. Then shortly afterwards the patch failed and I had to replace the tube (Thanks to whoever suggested glueless patches... they suck!). Someone leaned out of their car and yelled at me while I was fixing it. I decided to channel my grumpiness into riding and hammered all the rest of the day covering a total of 141 km. Later in the day after eating a hamburger (I think I'm on hamburger 20 or so at this point) I was in a better mood but I was still resolved to get out of the state and rode really hard and fast increasing my overall average speed by over half a kilometer an hour, which is alot considering thats an average from over 900kms.

I was totally spent by the end of the day and it was getting dark so I got an expensive motel room with a kingsize bed and had a nice seafood dinner ar Doogers, which happened to be half off because I am a man, and it was father's day. I guess I must have some children that I don't know about... I got to catch a crappy movie (Scary movie 3) and watch the Daily Show and the Colbert Report which was nice. There was a fire place thingy in the room so I washed my clothes and hung them around it to dry and went to bed.


Caroline said...

Dearest Charlie
Tomorrow is Father's DAy again, I wonder if Thoby will remember, shall I remind him. I was so so happy to talk to you that day, it made my day. Even though you didn't talk to Dad
he was so pleased that you had remembered.
I love you
Mum xxxoooo

Caroline said...

My Darling Charlie
fathers Day is here again and we all miss you so much. Dad is in Samaliland on an adventure and having great fun. all my love Mum xxx
What a long way you rode you deserved a King size bed !!!!

Caroline said...

My Darling Charlie, another Father's Day is coming up , there have been lots of ads around so I am sure Thoby will remember. I wish you could phone him. He took Dad on a helicopter ride over Dubai for his Birthday, they both had a ball. We miss you so much all my love Mum xxxooo

Caroline said...

Another Father's Day with out you, dad misses you so much. I have reminded Thoby so I hope he emails or calls Dad. He would like a boost as his back is playing up. I wish you were here to encourage him. All our love Mum and Dad xxxx