I'm biking really really far this summer

Monday, June 18, 2007

Day 9 (Fairholme - La Push 71km)

I started this day and soon after it started raining again. I turned off of Highway 101 and headed east towards Mora and La Push to see the tide pools and sea stacks. Soon after the turnoff my wheels started making music and I thought my spokes were about to explode. I spent some time on the side of the road trying to retension them in earnest, and even considered turning around to get the bus back to Port Angeles to get them looked at by a bike shop. It was already 5pm by this time and the shops were closed so I couldn't call them, and I had a total of 4 dollars on me, so I just decided to ride on to the sea.

Once at the campgrounds I found a secluded site and set up camp and then went for a walk along the beach to see all the tide pool life and seastacks. It turned out to be almost high tide so all the sea critters were hidden underwater. I bent over to look in a pool and my camera fell out of my pocket and I almost soaked it, and got some sand on it. So I was in a bit of a foul mood that evening so I listened to angry music on the MP3 player to commiserate with. It was cold and misty and windy.


Caroline said...

Your photo says it all.
all my love Mum xxxxx

Caroline said...

I can just imagine your mood Charlie
Thank goodness your camera was not damaged and we have your wonderful shots... all my love Mum xxxooo

Caroline said...

We would have been so bereft with out your wonderful photos my darling son xoxxx