I'm biking really really far this summer

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Summary of the State of Oregon

Amazing! At the US Bicentennial they created and official Oregon Coast bicycle route, and widened the shoulders in these areas. The terrain was great, the temperatures perfect, and drivers very courteous (despite an abundance of RVs). The route snaked along the rugged coast and through quiet floodplains skirted by forested hills. There were no gigantic clearcut areas as in Washington. The state parks charged 4 dollars a night which I was happy to pay compared to the gouging experienced in Washington. Logging trucks were few and far between, and best of all, I met a bunch of nice people riding bikes so we had lots of stories to tell and food to share. I really look forward to visiting Oregon again in the future.

Oh yeah, by my preliminary calculations I have done over 1700km/s so far this trip. There are way more to go though!

I will try my best to upload my photos of Oregon when I get into Eureka, California (I am in Crescent City California right now, the gateway to this very long state.)


Anonymous said...

Charlie, Dan and I got your message about the broken spoke. We hope you're OK and that you're back on the road soon. We are staying tonight at the Eureka KOA--you must avoid this campground at all costs!!! Tomorrow we will go to Weott or Myers Flat. Hope to see you.


Anonymous said...

awesome rides thus far man!


Caroline said...

If only you could visit Oregon again my darling boy!
all my love

Mum xxxxoooo

Caroline said...

I so enjoy reading your blog Charlie , I feel you are still here, I miss you so very much and everyday I wonder what you would be doing if you were still with us. I have so much to tell you and so many questions. My heart is breaking all my love Mum xxxxx

Caroline said...

Charlie We are now in France my darling boy, you would so love it here everyone is so passionate about biking. Where we live there are so many places you could have explored.We miss you so , so very much. I miss you.
All my love Mum xxxx