I'm biking really really far this summer

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Go Sens Go!

I know I normally hate you, but for tonight, I love you. Pronger is going o have a very tough time for the next few games. Lets hope they keep on playing like they did today.

On a more bike-tour-related note, I picked up my bike from Dream Cycles today and everything seems to be in fine order. They told me they needed to retension the wheels slightly which I was glad to hear since keith from cavern already tried them last week and said they would need a retruing, but I didn't have enough time to bring it back to him. The Air Canada baggage smashers seemed to show mercy on my oversized cardboard bike box. I would like to extend a big thank you to the kind folks at Dream Cycles for reassembling and tuning my bike at such short notice, even if you did make fun of my frame bag. I will come tomorrow with Boddingtons for everyone if I can manage
my time properly.

I also met up with Lyle today which was nice but he was pretty busy and on a bike so i let him go along with his business. Maybe tomorrow I will get a chance to put in a few kilometres with him if he has time. The people that work at the hostel I am at were merciful enough to let me bring my bike into my room, since the hostel is located right in the middle of the tourist district (AKA Crack/Heroin town).

Tomorrow I am going to ride all around the city, since today I walked an astounding 20 kilometers! I never walk, so I was so tired I had to nap from 5pm to 7pm. My jet lag is actually helpful since now I basically feel tired after the sun goes down and wake up as the sun comes up so I'm all set for once I start camping. I will probably check out Granville Island and Stanley Park tomorrow nand try to find if there are any bugs to work out of my bike before I start the actual tour.

I also have a very nice German room mate in my 4 person dorm (there are just the two of us). His name starts with A but shamefully (and totally expectedly) I have forgotten it so I will have to tactfully ask him this evening.


Anonymous said...

Let's see some pictures of your shaved head!

Charlie said...

Yeah, I'll post those as soon as I can find a computer with a USB port. Maybe this afternoon/

Caroline said...

You write so well Charlie, I hope I told you enough times how proud I am of you. If this had been last year I wouldn't have been writing this in comments because it might have embarrassed you. Barley is snoring at my feet. We miss you so much, all of us.
all my love Mum xxxx

Caroline said...

I love your descriptions , I feel I am right along side you. How I miss your quirky humour and your wonderful presence . I think you look very handsome with your head shaved but I loved your hair. I miss you
all love
Mum xxxxx

Caroline said...

My Darling Charlie
You were so happy and confident about to start your big trip. You are so missed , as I read your blog it is as if you are here. I wish you were my darling boy .
All my love Mum xxxooo