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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Day 26 (Myer's Field - Legget 72km)

So, this is my first blog post using the palm pilot... anyways today was a pretty short day as far as distance is concerned, but damn was it hot! I pretty much spent the whole day seeking out shade because i was getting cooked alive on highway 101. I could see the heatwaves rippling off of the road and since l started riding at 11am the sun was directly overhead and the wide freeway shoulders seperated me from any shade that there may have been. To add to that the day was pretty much all uphill so i was getting drained really fast.
I pulled into Garberville after what seemed like not all too long and found Dan and Caedmon at a cafe eating grapes and tapping away on their blog. I was soaking with sweat and sat inside for a long time before ordering a smoothie, which was tge key to getting my body temperature back in check. I ended up spending about 3 hours there waiting for my PDA to charge up for its first use (it works great) and waiting for the sun to get to an angle that would allow for shadows.
Because of that wait the rest of the ride was quite pleasant and cool, but I had to say goodbye to the redwoods which I have grown so fond of. Tonight's camsite is pretty bad, but it was only 3 dollars which isn't too bad. Dan and I ended up drinking quite a bit of beer during dinner and got carried away searching for wood and trying to break massivr wer pieces of wood for the fire. One of the logs made such a loud crack that half a dozen dogs started barking after it snapped and we were worried the ranger would come after us.
The first few kilometres of tommorrow's ride starts with the highest climb on the coast route so I am going to make sure to eat before packing up camp to avoid getting he deaded oatmeal and yogurt shakes!

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Jennifer said...

Hi Charles,
I heard you took a different road on Sunday and are now riding your bike in heaven. We will all miss you very much. You were a great inspiration to us all.
Your skiing buddy and fellow BNS pal,