I'm biking really really far this summer

Friday, July 27, 2007

Day 51 (Vancouver rest day)

Mailed my front rack and panniers home, installed new tires, tuned up bike, rationalized my pannier packing system, did laundry, showered, watched some Tour de France, planned my route through BC (doing hwy 3 instead of the Transcanada [someone tell me if this is a mistake]), ate burgers with a beer, updated blog, went to bed.
Tomorrow I start my way back home!


rusty said...

Canada...your home, watch out for Ontario. I hear they chase down cyclists and cut them up like critics ragging on Lindsey Lohan after her new horror/teen thiller comes out this summer, which you won't be home in time to catch at the imax. Wait, it won't be there anyway...

anyways, all seems well. Pull Christianne home on a trailer!
Enjoy... Canada is wide. Wide. Like Carrie's face...what a girl's name

Anonymous said...

Only a couple of days that I have not checked on this site, it expands so much and so quickly.

Charlie rules now,

Caroline said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE, my darling boy , we will celebrate tonight and Thoby , Dad and I will have Sushi and think of you and Barley together, we will save a treat for the Barley dog too.
Diva is getting married to a handsome surfer called Drew, she looks so happy. The first of your close friends to tie the knot.
We miss you , I miss you.......
all my love
Mum xxxxxxxxxooooooooo

Russell (rusty) said...

Just randomly found an old post of mine and it brought back so many amazing and fun memories that all of us had together. Never in a million years did i ever think this could happen to you and your family...

To Caroline, i am so sorry for your loss and not a day or bike ride goes by that i do not miss your son.

Take Care, and all the best
With love, Russell

Caroline said...

I wish everyday you had taken Highway 3 instead of the
Trans Canada , you would be here with us today and your knees would have recovered. I love you and miss you so much. All love Mum xxx