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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Day 31 (San Francisco rest day)

The morning of my first rest day in San Francisco was spent searching for a pharmacy where I could fill the prescriptions the doctor had given to me. I sampled the California institution that is In'N'Out burger for brunch. They pay their employees a living wage and never freeze their meat.
After that was dealt with I met up with Caedmon and Dan at Caedmon's place between the Mission and Castro. Dan was just on his way to a stag party so after I cleaned and dressed my wound in her kitchen, Caedmon and I toured the neighborhood on foot, checking out an interesting pirate store and then having some nice pizza for lunch and watching hipsters with tight jeans, big sunglasses and fashionable bicycles.
I took a long walk back downtown and spent the rest of the evening reading at the hostel.

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