I'm biking really really far this summer

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Day 43 (San Luis Obispo rest day)

Wow another rest day! I wish these came about by my own choosing and not surroonding unfortunate events... I suppose I did stay in Monterey by choice but I really can't be taking any more days off.
During this day I walked all about the town eating at various places and browsing various shops. I ate pancakes, coffee, belgian frites, quesadillas, twix bars and unagi, among other things, at various points throughout the day. I went in to two bike shops, a sports store, a gas station and a liquor store. I did a good deed by buying beer on behalf of a 19 year old and I rode in his truck. I realized that I lost my multitool and had to borrow allen keys from an Englishman. I bought new bike shoes and more water bottles and bottle cages. I took a nice stroll and had a wheat beer accompanied by lackluster country ballads. I bumped into fellow bike tourist that I first met in San Francisco. I read my book. I had my ID questioned. I checked the Tour de France standings. I took a photo for a group of young Chinese people. I searched without luck for an internet café. I picked up my bike with a rebuilt rear wheel and adjusted the front derailleur. I chewed gum while in contemplation. I jaywalked. I ran. I hopped. I peed behind a bush. I was friendly in all conversation. I exchanged currency for goods and services and I often perspired. I wore a hat at one point and sunglasses at most points. I took them off at night. I went to bed and was inexplicably itchy.
That about sums up my day.


Caroline said...

What a well written day!
all my love xxxx

Caroline said...

I never tire of reading your Blog Charlie, I wish you could have gone on and on.... I miss you so much my darling boy , my love forever Mum xxxooo