I'm biking really really far this summer

Monday, July 30, 2007

Day 55 (Savona - Salmon Arm 165km)

I woke up at 7am to the hot hot sun and ate most of a bag of cereal. I was still tired and sore from the night before. The morning had some nice hills and I descended into Kamloops at mach speed. There I had a Quiznos sub and two Wendy's hamburgers (Oh boy!)
Out of Kamloops the road flattened out and I drank water and Gatorade almost non-stop as I gradually emerged from the desert into a more temperate climate. It got nice and cool and shaded as I passed through Chase, but I was still tired. My eyes started to get heavy so I had some of my Black Black caffeinated chewing gum and perked right up again. Its a magic bullet!
I got into Salmon Arm and couldn't find anywhere to stay so I tried to find a secluded spot in a park. I was swarmed by half a million mosquitos and had to hop on my bike to escape them! I asked around and some locals reccomended a retirement home that also rents out rooms which is where I am right now.
P.S. My hand is all healed right now but there are some nasty looking purple scars left over!
P.P.S. Thanks for the nice comments everyone!


Anonymous said...

Japanses ginger sushi side dish will be ones to consume even in summer at this point.

Salt in it is good for dehydrated athelete.

It keeps the body and joints warmed up right away.

Calcium pills will be good to take; one needs 1000 mg per day if not exercise out of his/her portion. You will need much more.

Purple dots may need a visit with a dermotologist later. Try to give some normal lotion, it may work. Do not need to do it all the time.


Anonymous said...

Heat pad may be another idea.

Warm the pad and place it on shoulder sore. Don't know if electric one can be plugged into camp tent for night. Down sleeping bag is always a plus.

Definitely do this when arriving home.

Nice journey,

Caroline said...

Charlie I can't believe a year has nearly past since you were so rudely and violently taken away from all of us, your family, your friends your beloved Barley boy.
We miss ypo my darling boy , all of us. life does not have the sunshine you brought to it.

all my love forever Mum xxxx

Caroline said...

My darling Charlie
Christmas has been and gone. You would have really enjoyed Calcutta, the noise the action the people, only in the cool early mornings is there peace and quiet. We missed you so much.
all my love darling boy
your Mum xx
Barley is loving these cool days in Dubai, he is positively energetic but perhaps you know that. xxxxx

Caroline said...

My darling Charlie
Tomorrow we leave for England and then to Canada to be with you on August the 4th not with happiness and anticipation like I used to feel but with deep,deep sadness and regret. We will see your friends and the wonderful job they are doing with Charlie's Free Wheels in your honor
and all our dearest friends who also miss you. We will bury a little memory of your Barley dog with you and remember how much you loved each other.
all my love forever Mum xxxxooooo

Caroline said...

My darling Charlie
Tonight we leave for a tour of China to see the 3 gorges and more . i know you would have loved this trip. Thoby will be there in August finding his own path with Blair and meeting up with Mike from Lakefield.
We will be in Canada in August to visit your legacy, now a shop for Charlie's Free Wheels run by the kids they are helping, they are doing an incredible job. We will see your friends, they still miss you and so do we so very , very much. I wish I knew what you did on those last 5 days which you never had time to post you were making such good time and covering so many miles. All my love Mum xxxxooo

Caroline said...

My Darling Charlie
Four years ago today we heard we had lost you forever , not a day goes by that I don't think of you and miss you. All your friends do too. Dad , Thoby and I love you so much and just wish you were still here with us to jolt us out of our comfort zone or say something outrageous or to give us a big hug.
All my love Mum xxxxoooo

Caroline said...

My Darling Charlie ,Six years ago today
I read your email telling me you were over the worst and it would be plain sailing all the way to Toronto, you would be back there in time for your trip with the boys to Algouquin Park.You were only 6 Kms behind schedule and really enjoying your experience. I loved you for all your wonderful enthusiasm and spirt, how could I guess that would be the last word I heard from you. I so hope you read my reply and know how proud we are of you and how much we miss you every minute of everyday. This year we are not in Toronto but Thoby is there to visit you and we will be there in a couple of months. We love you and miss you with all our hearts. All my love Mum xxxxx

Caroline said...

To our wonderful son, we have missed you so much these last seven years, you are always in our hearts and minds.
All our love Mum, Dad and Thoby xxxoooo

Caroline said...

"He hit me for no reason!

To you my darling Charles. 8 years today you where taken from us, the bells in Sanremo are ringing for you. We miss you so very much my beautiful boy. I wonder what you would be doing and where you would be. Thoby is in Hong Kong working with "best brands "but will go back to Dubai or Abu Dhabi sop to join Blair.
I saw all your friends and CFW in June. Everyone still misses you so much.
My darling boy I want to hug you so much. We all miss you and think of you. All my love Mum xox

Caroline said...

M'y darling Charlie, the years go by, now it is nine years but the pain never goes away. We miss you so much. Your infectious energy, your charm, your edginess and always having to have the last word. I wonder what you would be doing now at 32, where you would be and who you would be with. Thoby and Blair are in deep caverns near Grenoble . I will always remember your time there with your bike and picking you up after your time at the University. We drove through France with your bike and Barley in the back and had your 21st Birthday in a beautiful chateau. Barley sat on the window sill for dinner. I will see your friends in Canada in October and CFW which Kat is taking from strength to strength.
We all miss you so much and you are in our hearts forever until we meet up. All my love Mum xox