I'm biking really really far this summer

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Day 33 (San Francisco rest day)

Today I had a mission to replace my water bottles which had gone missing and get a new cycling cap because mine is old and filthy and won't come clean.
I set the GPS to take me to Freewheel, a bike shop that I had heard had a good reputation. On the way I passed a movie theatre with the Transformers movie playing that very minute so I couldn't resist going in to watch it. So far as I can tell, it was funded by the US military to bolster enlistment and had heavy product placement otherwise. There were a select few scenes which were watchable but overall it was a nostalgic letdown.
After the movie the GPS took me through the ritziest neighbourhoods in SF along streets so steep they just turned into staircases. Lots of kept ladies in expensive track suits were running up and down them with their Ipods giving me dubious looks.
Eventually reaching the tiny shop I got all the items I needed and checked out some nice bike frames before the long walk back. I was getting shin splints at this point from so much walking up and down steep hills. The line-ups for the cable cars were just too long for me to bother with.
More reading and lounging around in the evening at the hostel.


Caroline said...

Hi Charlie,
To day is Thoby's birthday, he has had lots of emails from friends and he and I had dinner together and opened his presents few that they were. We both wished you were there with some wise cracks !!
all my love Mum xxxx. I love your writing.

Caroline said...

Today is Thoby's 34th Birthday. He and Blair are off for a year of travelling.....a big adventure. Watch over them for me please. I miss you so much my wonderful, live wire , corageous son. All my love forever. Mum xxxxxxxx