I'm biking really really far this summer

Monday, July 30, 2007

Day 54 (Lytton - Savona 132km)

The 11am start due to the Tour de France was a big mistake. It was so hot! I bought some Vector powerbars in the morning and they promptly melted. Even so, the morning was fast and fun. Along the way I met a Dutch man with a ton of gear going the other direction. He started in Anchorage and was doing a tour around northern BC.
I stopped in Cache Creek for a hamburger (Oh yeah!) and the day turned sour. I rode into a mountainous desert terrain where the few trees there were there were dead and there wasn't a drop of shade to be found. I felt terrible and got a mild case of heat stroke. I lost all my energy and almost fell asleep on the bike. I had to find a billboard to have a nap behind as it was the only shade for miles and quickly fell asleep in the dirt for half an hour with my head on a waterbottle. I was really in a shabby state and hobbled into Savona, 40km short of my goal in Kamloops.
On top of this there were cracks in the road every 5-10 metres, sending shocks through my sore shoulders. I think they were also the reason that my right shifter is no longer working properly...
The only place in town that was open was the bar and the only food they had was chips and Costco microwave pizza, so I had 2 of each. At the campsite I fell asleep again in the shade and then paid $17 for a campsite.
Shortly after paying I met a Quebec cyclist who had ridden from Quebec and we realized we should have split a campsite. Oh well... There were a ton of weird bugs that got in my tent and the full moon was so bright I could read in its light.


Anonymous said...

Ooooooooooops! Sorry about that hamburger effect......

Remember those days when you were on abused red strawberries--better to stuck something like an apple or an orange to keep your citric cycle running when under sun.

Be good,
howard, again

Caroline said...

My Darling Charlie
We are back in Dubai, missing you so much. I was in Toronto with you at your grave for your Birthday on July 27th, and on August the 4th the day you left us and this world 5 years ago. Dad wanted to be there but he had hurt his back in Tanzania and couldn't come. I saw some of your friends, they all still miss you so much. This Summer they had wonderful weather , your trip to Algonquin Park for Labor Day Weekend would have been amazing.I wonder your mates are still doing it Carey, Russ and Joe.
Charlie's Free Wheels is going from strength to strength I am sure you are so proud of everyone, Emma is into a second year at med school , Josh is married and Colin is back from living in France.
It has been a Summer of accidents for your family, Dad had to have surgery on his back to remove a piece of disc pressing on his nerve. He is mending slowly. I broke my wrist in France and now the plaster is off have to do a lot of work to get it working again and to complete the hat trick Thoby has pulled tendons in his left wrist so he and I are both wearing braces on our left wrist and Dad is wearing one around his lower spine, What a sight we make, I wish so much you could see us.....all my love Mum xxxoooxxx

Caroline said...

My darling Son
Today will always be the worst days of my life, the anniversary of the day you left our lives forever.You are always in our hearts and minds and you will be there forever. We miss you so much, your wicked wit, you smile lighting up your face and your extreme generosity . All our love Mum,Dad and Thoby xxxxooo