I'm biking really really far this summer

Monday, July 30, 2007

Day 53 (Chilliwack - Lytton 183km)

I didn't want to wake up thismorning but managed to get going at 9:30am. It was hot and sunny and I went through 10 waterbottles. The wind was pretty strong again and passing trucks sucked me along with them. The morning was pretty flat with nice tailwinds so I was again flying along. I almost stopped to pick up 2 hitchhikers who waved theirs thumbs at me but didn't have enough room in my panniers.
In Hope, chainsaw carving capital of the world, I had a club sandwich for lunch (I couldn't find any hamburgers). After Hope I rode over 4 largish but gentle hills and 7 tunnels. Only the third hill (called Jackass mountain) was hard, but that's mostly because it was really hot.
Traffic was light and came in waves due to some roadwork, so I could take the lane much of the time. Drivers were friendly and I even got a few friendly honks.
I stayed at a motel in Lytton because I wanted to watch the last stage of the Tour de France. They only had a smoking room so I was given the senior's discount and put up with the smell. It turns out they didn't have OLN so I couldn't watch the live early morning race coverage and had to watch the really annoying ABC recap from 10-11am the next day.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Bummer smoky TV room.

Next time be a bit smarter please. Go find out what is going on before paying even the senior discount rate to be fooled into a TV room smoke. The smoke is worse than that from the hamburgers.

Smoke on hamburgers at least give you real charcoal flavor. Make you drool for it when hungry. And with cool black pepper to dehydrate you.

What does smoke in TV room do to you?

Go figure.

Fairly not pleased,