I'm biking really really far this summer

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Day 56 (Salmon Arm - Revelstoke 113km)

Today was a pretty short day because after Revelstoke there is really nothing but hills. I started at almost noon, since I stayed up late the night before watching World War II documentaries, emailing people and updating the blog on an unprotected wireless network (as I am doing now).
The riding was great, but again, hot. Eventually the trees and mountains got taller so I was riding primarily in the shade which was a relief. I had a close call with an 18 wheeler that either didn't see me, or didn't care that I was there on a very narrow and short bridge. I think he even sped up as he sliced by me with inches to spare. The pickup behind him followed suit. No quarter!
I caught my first glimpses of snow capped mountains since I was in Washinqton and now I am surrounded by them.
Campsites in Canada cost a fortune compared to the US and I personally think its a travesty when I have to pay the same as those ridiculous RVs. $3USD vs. $22CAD (and the USD is so weak right now!)
I didn't have any hamburgers today, but the night is still young and I'm in downtown Revelstoke so burgers abound! Anything but another Clif bar.
Tomorrow I ride 150km over Roger's Pass to Golden. It should be a good one!


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Anonymous said...

hey, charlie:

knowing that your craving for hamburger is not easy to quench, so the email, hopefully quicker to have helped you arrange the eating time of the good stuff.

Generally, one eats hamburger (1/2) per time during biking day on 10ish in morning and 3ish plus 5ish (1/2 each time) afternoon.

The energy from hamburger meat is needed.

But the seasoning of the hamburger, especially the pepper part needs to be rationed in hot days. Salt is okay for hot days, not having proper amount of salt, you will be losing it.

it is not a good evening meal. because you need something fuller to go sleeping, not to give energy. Milk, yogurt, cream or other types of cheese, mixed with frozen veges, plus some oatmeal, fruits or dry fruits. Not much, just enough to sleep well.

Milk is best taken before sleeping. Calcium will remain in you to help with your joints, knees, etc.

Morning needs good things to begin your day--you should have cold left over pizza (cold to help counter heat), cold chicken drumsticks, cold chicken wings, or some chicken meat (not fat, not heavily peppered in seasoning) and grains, and wonderful sesame seed.

Sesame seed has phosphate that will beef you up without your uptaking of a lot of them (1 or 2 tea spoons is plenty). It will help you with your hair and do not blame me when you find your hair becomes healthy and shining.

Tips are many, eat well and ride well,

Anonymous said...

well remember chuckles you are operating a vehicle. just because you are fuelled by hamburgers doesn't mean your farts don't hurt the atmosphere!!!

always fart in moderation!

Charlie said...

Thanks for the nutrition tips Harold! I generally just eat what I can get my hands on but I will try to follow your advice.

Russ, you sassy smart alexy jokester you!

Charlie said...

Usually in the morning I have a large portion of yogurt (as high fat as I can get) mixed with high protein/fibre oat cereal, with an apple and banana and vegetable fruit juice.

During the morning I eat a clif bar every 25km, and an apple or banana if I have them, then at lunch I usually have a fast food hamburger and french fries with a sugary drink.

In the afternoon I eat more clif bars and fruit and sometimes some ice cream.

In the evening after the ride I try to eat a lot of carbs and protein (noodles, rice etc.) and a small dessert of chocolate, and sometimes a beer.

Throughout the day I drink water every 15 minutes (usually 750ml per 25km) and have a bottle of gatorade at some point, and sometimes two.

Am I killing myself? I seem to be able to maintain my energy pretty well but I can get tired and sleepy in the afternoon.


Charlie said...

Usually in the morning I have a large portion of yogurt (as high fat as I can get) mixed with high protein/fibre oat cereal, with an apple and banana and vegetable fruit juice.

During the morning I eat a clif bar every 25km, and an apple or banana if I have them, then at lunch I usually have a fast food hamburger and french fries with a sugary drink.

In the afternoon I eat more clif bars and fruit and sometimes some ice cream.

In the evening after the ride I try to eat a lot of carbs and protein (noodles, rice etc.) and a small dessert of chocolate, and sometimes a beer.

Throughout the day I drink water every 15 minutes (usually 750ml per 25km) and have a bottle of gatorade at some point, and sometimes two.

Am I killing myself? I seem to be able to maintain my energy pretty well but I can get tired and sleepy in the afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Here is a better recipe for the day:

Morning: meat (chicken, or, sausage, or, ham plus cheese), cold, but not cold cut; low-fact cheese curl, or cottage cheese, fruit juice, toasts, or oatmeal bar (not plain oatmeal, which kills your calcium in stomach). Nuts including sesame seed, sunflower seed, cashew nuts, and dry fruits. The best sesame seed will wait for you to get work done so they turn into your muscle.

So, you seem to do fine, just with minor modifications, you will do great.

Noon: Apple helps you balance all when bateria contact your vulnerability. Banana slows you down, so take banana only when you needs to slow down. Sodium-potassium balance means much more sodium than potassium if you do exercise. Take banana on school days so you will not need to jump hoops around off and on when you need to sit down and listen to your teacher and classmates.

Noon: Try hamburger meat without buns, and only small fries. hamburger meat can go with cheese. Looks like you forgot your oatmeal. You need oatmeal to be mixed with hamburger. Oatmeal takes away fat in hamburger, and save only the elements good for your liver and kidney metabolism needed from hamburger.

You need a redbull instead of a sugar drink. Niacin in redbull will provide more energy for a bit, it is in small quantity, and you ought to portion one can into several intakes (such as 6 in an hour time.) If you feel hungry, take half of the hamburger bun. Or, add hamburger meat, not bun. Definitely needs salad.

Evening: not so much noodle or rice, only 2/3 portion the most. Add chocolate to dairy products, especially cottage cheese. Chocalate has to be there. Dairy has to be there. Dont substitute chocalate with cholate milk. It is not working this way. Some walnut stuffed dressings the most for the carb stuff. Needs celery/onion in soup to slow you down. You may find dairy product helps you sleep well and too well in the morning to wake up too early. Let it work into your system then you will be fine.

Remember: Dairy in the night is framing your bone, and protein in phosphate in the morning is helping you build muscle.

Also remember: you really need a small freezer innovated for the road, and you also need to improvise to help your eating interesting. Your snacks are okay, water intakes too. But, (ahhhhhhhhhh, sorry, for a lot of butts), you may need to use dry fruits with sesame seed and other nuts plus a bit of brown sugar to improvise your own daily bar. You can do good with a lot of raisin, which will give you better new blood after a day's hardworking.

If the Japanese restaurant does not mind to give you a bit of ginger slices, include them into your diet per meal. It will help you stay warm in the cold cold camping nights all the time.

I also mentioned importance of the sesame seeds. They are non-avoidable when you are building muscle.

Stay cool, keep writing, and stay away from trucks. (My experience says, truck drivers want people to take care of them for their hardworking time, when you gesture that you do take care of them, they will slow down for you.)

Race with your record in controlling manners, do not bother the truck driver.

Have fun,


(Meat cold cut contains too much nitrate, you need consume water to be compliant with nitrate.)

Anonymous said...

Fuels always come with wastes. Time your waste schedule using dry fruit, or, Prune juice.

Any one mentioned about this yet?


Anonymous said...

Too much good stuff? Protein, phosphate, and fuels,...

no worries, for you are working out. When worried at days you do not work out, replace brown sugar with honey.

Totally agreed with howard and Larry,

Jennifer said...

Hi Charles,
I heard you took a different road on Sunday and are now riding your bike in heaven. We will all miss you very much. You were a great inspiration to us all.
Your skiing buddy and fellow BNS pal,

Anonymous said...

charlie, haven't seen your blog updates lately.

Are the new nutrition ideas working?

Dairy product near evening hours must have taken a lot of you in sleeping hours, eh?

a bit worried for not getting your blogs no more,

Anonymous said...

Howard, Larry, Pier and any others who comment on Charlie's blog. Please contact me:
It concerns Charlie.

Anonymous said...

You are loved, Charlie.

Andrew said...

I read the terrible news on BikeForums today.

My sincere condolences to Charlie's friends and family.

Traffic Jammer said...

You will be missed Shizy...sociopath that you are. (This was our private joke) Keep the rubber down my friend, and may all the winds be tail winds.

RobbyKills said...

just read this on bikeforums, its a terrible shame. I was looking at Charlie's pictures and it looks like he was having a great time on his ride. It's sad that he won't return from it but if you have to look at a bright spot in all of this I suppose it is nice that his last days on Earth were spent doing something he loved.

[165] said...

Go easy, shiznaz. You are already missed.

Anonymous said...

You will be missed Shiz.

Anonymous said...

Is this a joke? Charlie not here any more? Someone is kidding, is it?


Anonymous said...


you'll be missed

Tom Stormcrowe and Crazylady said...

Hell! My condolences!

I'm very sorry to hear about this happening. I've talked with Charlie frequently on Bike Forums and will miss him.

Tom Stormcrowe

Anonymous said...

This is what I read from the bikeforums; yet it means nothing to me, neither a notified news piece, nor the issuer's information. Shiz, are you playing jokes again?


Many folks on this board have had spirited discussions with Shiz. His irreverent wit and sarcasm ruffled a few feathers and made people laugh at the same time. After a long arduous trip across the Western U.S. and most the way through Canada our pal Charlie was run down by a selfish and unconcerned drunk driver in Manitoba. He will be terribly missed by those who knew him and a loss for those who didn't get the chance to get to know him. His family is no doubt devastated by their loss. To anyone who cares to send some messages of condolence you may do so in the comments section of Charlies travel blog at http://thedoublecross.blogspot.com/

Thread stuck until Sunday, August 12th so people who knew of him on here are aware of his passing - pitboss

The key to happiness is not in having more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.

Anonymous said...

So, shiz:

Here is a life calling.

wake up and do your blog!


Anonymous said...

can someone please block Howard, or can he get please grow up. A family is greiving and a young man lost his life. There is no more updating of a blog for your satisfaction and amusement. Charles has been killed. His last written words on the blog will be those he wrote on July 31st. As people express their sadness and loss on this page with his death, your comments are mocking the true feelings of his friends and family. i hope that you can show some respect so that when his parents and brother are finally able to see through the fog of his death they will only read comments that are respectful and thoughtful about their son and brother. Please stop and remove any rude comments that you have made if you can.

Anonymous said...

ride on brother.

Anonymous said...

I truly wish that this sad news is not true.

Charlie, sorry, but I think highly of you.

You are a nice lad,

RahJiggah said...


Ill miss you man...words cannot convey how saddened i am by this turn of events. My condolences to your family. May you ride in eternal happiness.

Peace and Blessings,


Anonymous said...

You only past your birthday the 27th of last month.

I was going to beg for more photos.

Someone please tell me that this is not true.

Someone always is telling me that Charlie is really nice.


Thoby Prinsep said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thoby Prinsep said...


We are devastated to tell all Charlie’s friends and biking companions that on Saturday 4th August 2007, outside Brooks, Alberta., my brother Charles was hit from behind by a vehicle that as far as we know swerved onto the hard shoulder. Charlie died instantly. Investigations and the accident reconstruction are ongoing and will be made known shortly by the RCMP.

Charlie had completed his southerly ride from Vancouver to San Diego and then started his second leg from Vancouver to Toronto, a ride of many thousands of kilometers.

Charlie equipped himself to work towards a greener planet and after completing his studies his plans were to continue his studies in France and later in Urban Planning at the Sorbonne and to dedicate his significant talents to a better world.

He would never waver from what he believed in and would always fight for his ideals, never passive when he expressed his thoughts and always intuitive. He fought always for these beliefs and spurred on his friends, and in fact everybody, to follow suit, never without enthusiasm, honesty and above all, passion.

Please please share your stories about your time on line or else where with this wonderful, enthusiastic and adventurous to manifest the joy that he brought to all who knew and rode with him. This can be done in the comment section here.

The funeral is to be held at St Paul’s Church, Bloor St. E. at Church St. at 2pm Tuesday August 14th.

The grief we share is the price we must all pay for the deep love we had for Charlie. His memory will endure.

His mother Caroline, father Val and his brother Thoby.

Flimflam said...

I never knew you, Charlie, but the news of your untimely final ride really hit me. Tail winds forever... I wear my 3 stripes of tape for you and all, buddy.

Anonymous said...

though i never knew you charlie, i sense that you were a well loved person who left a significant mark on all that you touched
you were taken far too soon, i hope
you are in a better place with the wind always at your back, i have a very close friend who was taken from us all too soon (big alpine skier and windsurfer) and every time the wind comes up i think of him
wishing your family peace and loving memories at this time of great sorrow
ride on...

Anonymous said...


I am missing your blog; each and every word of them.

I have adored your quick and witty writing.

You will be writing much faster where you are now, right? I just have to read faster too.

I want you to know I adored you and your true-to-yourself fine style.

But, I am sorry and I am angry. Knowing who you are, I know you will be always happy whenever and where-ever.

My love, thoughts, and prayers are with your family and friends now.

I was going to tell you that you look good in beard in the photos.

I have so much tales to tell you,

Ryan said...

Hi Charles,

We are friends from Bikeforums.net and over there I know you as Shiznaz.

We've never met in person, but I think I kind of know you pretty well from our correspondence.

Last autumn we were sending messages about losing our respective gal friends, thinking we'd have a hard time meeting another nice girl who rode a bicycle. I was having a hard time, but you just told me to shrug it off and keep on going.

As you said: It is like touring cycling - it is about the journey and not the destination.

Well, Charles, I have good news to report! I met a new girl and she has two nice whips and she rode all three of mine when she came to visit me. How about that!

Thank you for your kind words and positivity; they really helped me put things in perspective.

I'll miss you and your positive energy and attitude.

Dear Charlie's Family:
I never met Charles in person but we PMed via Bikeforums and just from that I could tell he was a wonderful person. I'll miss him too, but I hope you know he shared a great deal of himself with many, many people in the time that he had. I miss him already!


Caedmon said...

We cycled with Charlie from Astoria, Oregon, to San Francisco, CA. We only knew him for a short time, but news of his death has been a terrible shock. Charlie was unfailingly cheerful and adventurous, and on the few nights that we camped without him, we missed his company. Please let us know if there is a designated fund or charity to which we can contribute in Charlie's name. We would like to do something in his memory.

thank you,

Caedmon Haas

Geoff said...

I didn't know Charlie personally, but I've been following his blog since he left back in July. During my bike tour last year, I traveled many of the same roads Charlie did, and felt blessed to relive my own experiences through his insightful and humourous journal entries. When I got news of his death I was floored. My thoughts are with the Princep family and friends. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

I am this blog's reader.

I visited this blog and found out that writing talent of Charlie is just one of his many other talents.

We were talking about ginger Japanese style may be good for Charlie's joints and bones.

I am sorry that I cannot read any more blog from Charlie. I will miss him.


Florence Shu said...

Charlie surely takes nice photoes. His were those of the best photos of my son-Daniel Shu. From his photos of Dan Shu and those taken by Caedmon Haas, I learnt the happiness these three youngsters shared when biking along the Pacific coast.

Charlie, I did not believe that you watered shooting my son Daniel.

My son and I will join Caedmon Haas if there were some kind of fund or charity that the Princep family would do for Charles or for Charles' love--biking.

My warmest regards and condolences to Caroline, Charles' mum, Val, Charles' dad, and Thoby, Charles' brother.

Charles is a fine young man. You must be very proud of him all the time.

No one had played water shooting to Daniel for quite a while before Charles did it. And, the two also set up fire from branches they collectively gathered from SP's woods. I wish that Charles was happily playing with my son that time.

We will all miss Charlie forever,
Florence Shu

Patrick Bird said...

Charles: I remember meeting you at your parents' house in Cabbage Town some years ago. Your parents are great people and reading your blog I can see that you inherited your father's delightful sense of humor.

When I heard the news of your passing, I was struck by the knowledge that there is a terrible sense of loss being experienced by all those who knew and loved you.

The British have a very majestic way of remembering these losses of the young at the dawn of their lives:

"at the going down of the sun, we will remember them"

And also I think this somehow captures you:

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years".

...you definitely were living a grand adventure.

May you rest in peace

Patrick Bird

emma said...


I have so much to say. So much that I can't say it without writing a miniature novel with words that seem meaningless because they can not possibly describe the unique, soulful, beautiful essence that was you. They cannot describe how you have changed my life or how I will look back on my memories of you for guidance on how to love someone honestly and completely. You were a prince. You were a flower (I hate to say that but I sort of think it was true, you were so strong in mind and body, but also somehow delicate).You were the only person I knew how could ever come up with language that was simple, astute and witty enough to describe yourself. Anything I say definitely won’t do you justice, but since you are not available to help, my words will have to suffice.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being who you were. I feel so very, very, very lucky that I got to know you in this far, far too short life. You were always true to yourself and your ideals - you did everything in life with an open and dedicated heart. You had such a capacity to love. It's unfair - really, really unfair. You will be forever missed and forever remembered by myself and everyone else who got to love you while you were alive. Thank you for sharing a small bit of your all too short life with me. I really can’t possibly explain the privilege that I feel.

Goodbye Charles Prinsep.

But not quite goodbye because you will shine on forever in all of our memories.

Thank you for your light.

It was a beautiful one.

Your heart was the most precious that I have ever met.

Again, words no matter how many, or how well chosen, cannot do you justice my friend.

Thank you for sharing you smile. It always made me smile.

You will be forever missed. You are already missed.

May you be on your bike forever, always happy perhaps in some type of crazy and cool new-agey spirit format. If you get bored, wherever you are, please look down on us every once and a while and shoot us a smile and an especially focused ‘charliesque’ glance. In life that smile always made me feel like everything would be okay. I hate the fact that you cannot respond to this email. Your emails were the best that I have ever encountered. They helped me get to understand you… at least a little bit… before we ever hung out much in person. I just wish that there was more time to understand you. If not for me, than at least the opportunity for other people to come to understand you, because that my dear, was/is truly an amazing thing.

I think for you, everything in life was always sort of okay. You found pleasure in the simple things like bike rides, empanadas and a few beers. You always saw a positive in things and were up to any challenge. I somehow feel like you would have been sort of okay with death. Somehow just accepted it and moved on. I don’t know… perhaps that sounds weird thought but it’s just a feeling that I have.

You really did enjoy every day to its fullest and never let yourself get bogged down by the nonsense in the world. That is a lesson that everyone should take from you. I hope there is something that comes after this life. This is because I feel you still have so many more people to influence and so many more things to do. Some world needs you in it, because without you the world is not nearly as light, even if it’s not our world, you should be in some world… If there is something else out there I hope that it is treating you kindly and that someday in the future we can reunite and have a good long chat. Regardless of what happens after people die, I hope that I can take the lessons that you offered when you were here with us, and try to become better person by remembering the awesome complexity of the person that you were. I may not be able to internalize all things Charlie (I might still leave the tap running every once and a while) but I will stay on my bike that you made, get it a spiffy new seat (that fuji seat does not do justice to a groovy Italian racer), enjoy delicious well presented food, be creative in every facet of life, enjoy each moment fullest, not worry so much about the future, learn to live with less and love less more, stop buying expensive food at whole foods and find better food un markets (not that I buy that much expensive food but now I won’t buy any!), and mainly love everyone around me with a totally open and giving heart, just like you did.

Thank you for your love Charlie…

I will never forget it.

That sad part is you should have been able to love more. You would have found the most fantastically beautiful, kind, gracious, bike-riding woman and made her soo… soooo…. very happy. You would have taken care of her. You really were a true gentleman. You would have had beautiful babies and you would have been amazing with kids. You would have taught them all of the coolest stuff in the world and made-up the coolest games. Carey and I were joking that you would have done stuff like put bubble tape on the sides of tables so that kids wouldn’t hurt themselves. You would have though of every detail.

Had you not have left this world, I can only dream of the life that you would have had. You were such a creative person that I know that you would have created an amazingly interesting, happy and meaningful life for yourself. I can’t even offer a guess as to what you would have done. Your essential character would have remained the same, that was always unwavering, but the details of your life would have changed. The saddest thing is that I know that your life, as you designed it would have been great. You really would have been so, so many great things and found many great people to share your life with Charlie. Actually let me rephrase that, you already had great people, you just would have found quite a few more real solid goodies to complement your existence.

I still cannot believe those you’ve stopped growing with us. There was still so much growing for you to do. Of all people I have ever known, I think that you were one of the most dynamic in every sense of the word. It is difficult to think of your life as a static memory for us, and something that can’t continue to develop for you. But really, when you stop to think, you will never become static. As people grow older and change they can call on your influence in different ways as they see fit. Even though you are not alive, you will be forever entwined into the fabric of so many people’s lives always making them richer in the many moments that bring up your memory.

To Charlie’s family: Val, Caroline and Thoby, I am so, so sooooo…. deeply sorry for your loss. It’s an absolute tragedy. I’d like to try to frame it positively (perhaps for my own comfort) but when push comes to shove that’s a pretty darn difficult task. It’s a waste of a life of a beautiful human being. Perhaps the most beautiful human being I have yet to encounter.

Thank you for raising such an amazingly kind, witty, strong-willed and good-hearted son. He had an absolutely tremendous impact on all of those who got to know him. I know I will be forever thankful for the time I spent with Charlie.

You were a true gift Charlie. Thank you.

I just wish that there was still time to give back and that the circumstances of this letter were far different than they are.

I wish that you could respond to all this nonsensical seriousness, with some wildly witty banter. I wish that you were here to make everything seem simple and to make everything make sense.

You will be in my heart always,


Anonymous said...

hi charles.

i've got to know you in your passing a lot better than i knew you in life. although your passing is profoundly sad, the overwhelmingly positive effect you've had on others (including strangers judging from the posts on your cycling forum) is encouraging. i didnt know it was your birthday a few weeks ago, but i'd like to wish you a very happy rebirth.

you are loved and missed,

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you as well as I wanted to, but I knew you well enough to know that in your 23 years, you lived more than most people do in 100.
Rest in peace, Charles Prinsep. We won't forget you.

Caroline said...

Hi Charlie
I miss writing to you everyday and reading your blog every morning before I take Barley out . How will I bear to never be able to do this again and imagine you in you tent with your expresso maker having your cup of specially brewed coffee whatever the cicumstances. I wanted to know what you thought of Roger's Pass ,you didn't have a chance to give your eloquent thoughts to us, but I will have your last email from you on August the 3rd in my heart for the rest of my life.
i love you Charlie. take care of yourself and all of us who love you
all my love
Mum xxxxxxx

For all those wonderful people who have written about Charlieon this blog site and wish to contribute to a cause he held dear The charity Covenent House , a place for homeless teenagers to find shelter and help to get their lives back together again. With , love and understanding as well as training and schooling. www.covenanthouse.on.ca

florence shu said...

Dear Caroline:

Thank you for your nice note. I understand how sad you are during this difficult time.

I want to quote some of Charlie's words from his blog on Day 8:

"From the parking area it was a two mile hike to the springs, since much of the path had been washed out by storms making it impossible to bring my heavy bike across, so I hid it behind a tree and covered it with branches. The springs were pretty sulphurous but almost completely deserted and the temperature was perfect, so after taking a soak in one of them I felt incredibly relaxed and reenergized despite the huge climb I just did. So much so that I spent half an hour making some smithson-esque earth art from stones next to the path". His blog then shows this beautiful piece of the stone artwork. It is nice he left us all a beautiful blog with many beautiful photos.

Thank you for letting us know where to contribute to help see the cause dear to Charles' heart be helped. We will do just that.

Dear Caroline, to send notes or flower to Charlie's funeral services, could we use "St. Paul's Church" address that Thoby Prinsep left on the comments? Is the church located at Toronto? Do we write addressee as the Prinseps?

My prayers are with you and your family and Charlie,
Florence Shu

mander said...

Dear Charlie's Family,

Lots of us on Bikeforums' singlespeed and fixed gear subforum knew Charlie online for his kindness, wit, intelligence and style. Over 170 of us so far have expressed our shock and sadness at this news in this thread: http://www.bikeforums.net/showthread.php?t=330584 . I send you my sincere condolences.

Andrew Hartline, Vancouver BC

Nancy said...

Dear Charlie's Family,

I read Charlie's obituary sitting in the Montreal airport waiting for my flight. I'm not sure what drew me to it... I recently biked from Toronto to Montreal for AIDS and his story really hit me. Too many cyclists are getting hit by senseless drivers who aren't paying attention. Something needs to be done to protect us cyclists.

Charlie seemed to live his life to the fullest, you must be very proud.

My thoughts and prayers go out to you.

Anonymous said...



Jean-Pierre Allard said...

Our daughter Christiane lived with Charlie and friends in Toronto for 2 years and were close friends. We met Charlie several times over the last 4 years.

He had visited her in Victoria, on his way to the U.S. leg of his journey. (see Days 5-7)

To the Prinsep family and friends and relatives of Charlie, we wish to extend our deepest condolences and hope that you will find the strength and courage to get through these difficult times.

May the wonderful memories of Charlie and his warm smile stay with you forever.

We know we will never forget him.

Jean-Pierre & Cathy Allard

Cam said...

I knew Charlie from the bikeforums and the group of Toronto fixed gear riders who would get together from time to time to share each other's company, love of bicycles, and ride together.

The worlds a poorer place without Charlie. Not only for those who loved him, those of us who knew him, but for all those he never met and who never had a chance to experience this wonderful, witty, and completely together person. I am so grateful I was one of the lucky ones who knew him, if even for a little while.

My thoughts and prayers are with Charlies family and friends.

Cam McDermaid
Toronto Ontario

Samantha said...

Hi Charlie,
I miss you and wish that we could have the chance to hang out again
xoxo Samantha

Anonymous said...

hey charlie,
i haven't had a chance to read through your blogs yet but i did look at your pictures and it looks like you were having an amazing time. i wanted to tell you that you're an inspiration to all of us. you died living your dream and you are one of the few people that i can say seemed truly happy. i feel like the world will miss you incredibly and your loss will continue to be felt by all the people you knew, even those that you did not know very well. however, you died at a moment when you were truly happy and fulfilled and that makes me think that more of us should try to live the kind of life you did and not be afraid of experience. you weren't afraid of life charlie and i know you wouldn't be afraid of death. i know you are out there and you are watching over all of us, and i'll never forget all the witty, funny remarks you made that will keep me laughing for many years to come. your death really hit me hard, even though we weren't very close friends and i had a lot left to learn about you. it made me realize that the most important thing in life is to go after the things you love; and you weren't scared to do that. i'll never forget you and neither will all of the many people whose lives you touched. i don't know if i can come to your service and i hope you'll forgive me for that; it's not because i don't respect you and it doesn't mean that i won't remember you fondly and frequently. i promise to visit you sometime soon though; i'll look up more words on urban dictionary and you'll make fun of me because i don't understand the meaning of half of them. it'll be just like old times. i know i'm rambling on and i don't need to write my thoughts here for you to know them, but i just wanted you to know that your death has forever changed me and everyone else who cared about you. keep on riding wherever you are, and pay us a visit sometimes. we will always be ready to share a laugh with you. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Came here from the Globe & Mail. Was saddened by the little box on page R12.

I was helping two other bikers with their travel blogs and always enjoyed others.

Rest in peace Charlie.

Kim in Montreal.

Anonymous said...

My deepest condolences to Charlie's family and friends.

Chris Dawson

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to say, there is so much I want to hear from you and so much I want to tell you.

I'm in France, I never would have come here if it weren't for you. Everything reminds me of you. I'm in the land of nice cheese and food and serious bikers. Remember when our little scooter was passed by biker, we just couldn't catch up no matter how hard we tried. There are so many memories that I am now the soul carrier of, I know there are many who feel this. Thank you for those memories.
I am comforted and so thankful to have these, but so saddened that there won't be anymore, there were supposed to be so many more.

You were always a perfect companion, a great friend. I loved you for all your weird and interesting finds and insights. I secretly enjoyed that you corrected how I spoke although it didn't always come across that way. My English is going to go down hill without you, you always had the perfect word to describe every situation. You made such an impression on my heart and mind.

I am comforted to know that you have lived an amazing life, I just wish there was more of it. My heart is broken, for you, your amazing family and for all the friends who you have made a deep impression on and who love you very much. Nothing will be the same without you.

I can't be at your memorial. I am so very truly sorry. I will remember you in Biarittz on Tuesday. I can't turn a corner there without thinking of something that was said or something we did, we had such an unforgettable time. I can't believe I won't get to see you proudly paddling out in the water to meet me.
Thank you so much for the time we spent together, I will miss you always.
All my love,

Alex VJ said...


Thank you so much for being such a good friend and cousin to me while I was staying in Toronto. I was looking forward to seeing you in Paris next year. I guess I will have to wait a little longer before seeing you again...
Caroline, Val, and Thoby, my thoughts are with you.


Alex VJ

Martino said...

To Charlie's Family and Friends,

Charlie was a wonderful person.
I just knew him from biking around town and riding with him during the Critical Mass rides in Toronto. I will always remember him as a sweet and gentle person. Always friendly and positive. He made Toronto a better place to live and breathe.

I am shocked at his loss and would like to extend my warmest sympathies to his family and friends.

I will never forget him.

Martin Reis

Anonymous said...

Dear the Prinseps:

I have been reading content of Charlie's blogs all the time, not only once, but more than once at different points.

Charlie is a rich, beautiful, and young writer.

You can see that there were a lot of places to which Charlie had visited that do not fully please his picky tastes.

For example, he even has words negative on the Hearth Castle.
He said that it was a place that a rich man put together to make come true some of this rich man's childhood dream, a collective of something not that creative and one can find elsewhere.

What Charlie had found he shared in many sentences in many places. As emma have said, he found beauties in simple, yet completely complex things.

What one can find from a simple woods, a simple foggy coast, a Korean fully clothed when biking, and the fun challenge in big sur. I am not sure that I can see them so well without reading and borrowing Charlie's eyes... His observations and comments are so short, cut right into the point, and very true...

Charlie had been a jam.

His blog work is a rock, a stone, sculptured into shapes no one else could have done as well ans as pretty as he did.

It is all his own works. Some taken down from his mind in a smoke TV room, others done in the parks, while still others done in the tent on camping sites.

Charlie indeed was a great writer and speedie too.

After all the disbelieving time is cut shorter, I know that you are to be holding a funeral service to say goodbye to Charlie's physique. Tomorrow, 200pm, in Toronto. It will be a sad and a celebrating moment.

Charlie lived 23 full good years. And, he allowed himself taking time to jot down all that are precious and good for his readers to read and for Caroline to read daily in the morning before Barley.

Isn't this a wonderful work?

I cannot help but loving and remembering Charlie more after reading these kind comments on Charlie's blog.

Please let Charlie know that I love him and am deeply in love of his strong and positive spirit and will do so for all my life.

With my sincerest love and my deepest condolences,

ps-I was going to count how many more hamburgers Charlie had on road. We had a good time counting these hamburgers. I wish, but I almost know, that Charlie will find hamburgers all the time with lots of other good food still when he keeps riding on.

Anonymous said...

Dear Charly,

we were each others first real friends and you have held a special place in my heart even though we hardly saw each other over the years.
Charly, I hope that where you are now you are having as much fun as you were having on all the pictures of your blog, and that you are as happy as ever before.

All my love, Chris

Dear Val, Caroline and Thoby, my regards and condolences.

mplsminx said...

big love to you, charlie. rest in peace.

thom y said...

I didn't know Charles, but as a fellow Canadian cyclist this story has bothered me immensely ever since I read the obit in the Globe and Mail yesterday. My deepest condolences to his family.

On the same day, my cycling buddy pointed out this comment from a recent issue of The Coast magazine, which is Halifax's equivalent of NOW magazine. She was really upset by this, as she has had all sorts of close calls and threats from motorists refusing to share the road on our training routes.

From the bitching section of The Coast, some f'n jerk wrote the following:

Published August 02, 2007.
Slow moving morons

This goes out to all you cyclists who insist on riding in the middle of the goddamn road; FRIG OFF. Unless you can peddal as fast as I'm allowed to drive, then stay as far over the side as you can get, ride on the sidewalk. I don't really care, just stop pretending to be a motor vehicle and slowing everyone else down. You're not proving a point, you're just pissing people off. Eventually I'm gonna give into road rage and and give one of you buggers a nice little love tap. Trust me, it'll hurt you a lot more than it hurts my truck.

Anonymous Asshole

On one hand, I could be inclined to put my Cervelo on ebay and stop riding, but instead I will bravely continue to ride out on the secondary and tertiary highways of Nova Scotia and hope that some asshole doesn't give me his little "love tap". I will only hug the right side of the road or shoulder when it is safe. But as long as the pavement remains broken, full of gravel, or parked cars line the road I will take my full lane and hopefully not slow you down too much.

Wes said...

Come out to the Memorial Ride this friday. Pass on the image to any cyclists you know in Toronto or add the Facebook event and share it.


Mani Mazinani said...

Charlie once gave me a gift of music that I will never forget.

Though I only knew him for a short while, I quickly learned that I could rely on him for a warm smile and interesting words.

My condolences to Charlie's family.

Love and respect,


Ps. I regret that I am unable to make the funeral.

Andrew said...

I met Charlie when I was new to Toronto and looking for a place to live. He invited me to rent a room in the house he was sharing with other U of T students, and at that time I had no idea how big an impact he would have on my life. Charlie was quite simply one of the most unique people I have ever come across; his enthusiasm, wit, creativity and optimism were practically contagious! He and I shared a great love of cycling and I think that we both fed each others' obsession a bit. I will always remember our many interesting rides around the City, and the places that I never would have discovered without him. Even after I moved back to Hamilton, we kept in touch and went on two amazing canoe trips in Algonquin park. I feel very fortunate that we had so many good times together. My greatest regret is that I decided not to join him on his cross-country tour this summer. I hope that with time I can come to terms with myself for this terrible decision. Charlie, if you're out there somewhere, please forgive me.

Rest in peace, my friend. You will be remembered, always.

Val, Caroline, Thoby and others who were close to Charles: I am very sorry that I could not make it to the funeral today. My heart goes out to all of you in this time of sorrow.

Anonymous said...

you taught me that life is short and i have to seize every moment and make it worthwhile. you taught me that i should postpone things for tomorrow, it's not worth it. your life and your death have changed me more than you know and for that i will always remember you. i love you and may you rest in peace.

Martino said...

Update: Me and some of Charlie's friends will on the CBC (99.1) tomorrow around 12:30pm
to talk about biking, Charlie and the memorial ride on Friday. Tune in!

Martino said...

Update: Me and some of Charlie's friends will stopping by the CBC (99.1) today to tape a radio segment and talk about bike touring, Charlie and the memorial ride on Friday. Air date TBA

Anonymous said...

I've been following Charlie's blog with much interest as I hope to do a similar journey someday.

This has hit me harder than I can describe. (There are tears in my eyes as I type this.) I feel for his family and friends and I mourn for the life he should have had. He was so young and obviously loved by many. Even though I never met him, I will miss him. He's touched my life and I plan to do the Memorial ride as a small token to pay my respects.


GB said...

I saw the announcement in the Calgary and Edmonton papers. This is so sad. I just spent 3 weeks travelling through the mountains with my family; it hits close to home. My condolences to all family and friends.

Martino said...

The Interview Wes and I gave earlier today on the CBC in honour of Charlie will be aired:
Thursday, August 16th. 10:06 AM.
On Sounds Like Canada.

Anonymous said...

you will be missed charles.

my heart goes out to the Princep family and friends.

D.W. said...

Sad to report this is my first time commenting, but I'd enjoyed this blog's inspiring and joyful tone.
I hope to get away from work in time to make the memorial ride. I support cyclists in many ways, not least of which that I labour away my springs and summers in a bike shop.
I have dreamed of the friends and clients we've sent on their way, better prepared for their journey;
but always wishing I was on my own trip.
This passing (Charlie's) kind of kicks my tires towards getting my touring setup together... but more than anything I regret the death of another (young) cyclist who sought to explore the world under his own power. Toronto will sorely miss such a spirit and character.
David Woodward,
of West Side Cycle Inc.

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Ride in Peace

Tanya said...

Hi Charlie, I started reading your blog, and thought hey you sound like a really cool person! I looked at your about, saw you were also from Toronto. I thought hey neat, as a fellow cycling enthusiast I hope to get to meet you when you get back. Until I realized I would not get the chance. From your personality that shines through your writing it sounds like those that did get to call you their friend were very fortunate indeed - and my condolences go out to your friends and family.

I was at your critical mass ride tonight. It was a lovely day for a ride. I think you would have liked it a lot.

yvonne said...

Dear Prinsep's

Eventhough i never knew Charles
i believe the life in his years were lived to the fullest and he will forever shine on.



Martino said...

The memorial ride was attended by over 120 riders on a beautiful summer evening in Toronto. We rode through Cabbagetown where Charlie grew up and
snaked our way critical mass style through most of the downtown core before finishing up at Dundas Square.
I took these 40 photos for everyone
with my thanks to those who rode in his memory.

Alex D. said...

Charles and I had adjacent lockers in our last year of high school and spent a lot of time figuring out where we stood in that place. Over the years had bonded through a mutual appreciation of obscure music, good British humour, tobogganing, a general love of the absurd and the finer things in life. Cutting class to go downtown and play computer games was also a big part of our friendship. He guided me through my long struggle with the game Half-life (a serious milestone in my adolescence), and helped me overcome my fear of strange aliens, sudden noises and jumping puzzles. We spent long hours figuring out new games, joking and eating strange foods.

I would have liked so much to have reconnected and see how we had both changed since then. We had spoken briefly over the last little while, and had hoped to catch up after four years of university. But I failed him in that respect, not taking the proper initiative in getting in touch at the right time, and for that I am now truly and regretfully sorry. Going through his trip journal and seeing pictures of him on the road I can tell that Charlie had become so much more positive, successful and ready for great things. It seems a damn cruel irony for Charlie to have died doing something that gave him so much purpose in life, and to have come so far on his quest already with still much more road left to go, only for it to be so abruptly and unfairly cut short.

In reading Charlie's blog I was struck by the dangers of the road that he encountered on a regular basis.
A couple of months ago, I myself was hit by a truck driver who seemed to be speeding up in order to pass me without warning and who was very unconcerned with the damage he had inflicted upon me or my bike, but I was lucky enough to escape with only a few cuts and scrapes. There are far too many deadly cars on the road, and not nearly enough protection or awareness for the rights of noble cyclists like Charlie, who by actively advocating for the environment and bicycling, did nothing but good for human health and the earth as a whole.

Charlie, I wasn't able to make it to the Critical Mass event held in your glorious honour, but I want you I think you'll appreciate why:
The CM event was at 6pm, and by 530pm, I was commissioned by my boss to make a delivery to a client. It was too late to hire a courier, so they sent me. I took my boss' bike, and the helmet that I had purchased that day thinking I would be with your nearest and dearest riding the streets of Toronto, and set of from Spadina and Richmond heading to Bloor and Church in the middle of rush hour. I was absolutely terrified. For you see, the day that I heard about your death was the first day that I had biked to work on my new old vintage raleigh. When I got word of the news, I left work early, and walked all the way back to cabbagetown with my bike in hand, thinking about you. And I was scared to ever bike again. But you would have hated that, and called me a pussy. So on Friday, I stepped onto the road at Richmond, and started peddling, and called upon you for guidance, hoping maybe you could blow me a nice breeze....


I made the delivery. And I cursed every goddamn cabbie in sight.

To those present at the Critical Mass ride, I'm sorry that I couldnt make it, but I know that Charlie saw what I was doing, and was clearing a path for me.

Goodbye Charlie.

With my sincere condolences to Caroline, Val and Thoby,

Alex Derry

Jeremy MacLennan said...

I met and rode with Charlie through the bikeforums single speed/fixed group. Over time, I came to like and respect him, and considered him a friend. Charlie was a fantastic guy-intelligent, insightful, and full of character. He had a well developed sense of self that belied his young age. He will be missed.

My condolances to his family.

Jeremy MacLennan

Anonymous said...

hey charlie,
the world misses you already. don't forget to visit us sometimes and keep an eye out for all those who miss you and love you. your memory will live on forever because you touched our lives in a way that very few people can. i know it's not much, but i promise to remember you, charlie. i'll visit you whenever i can and hopefully we'll have a long talk and you'll say something witty and utterly quotable. it makes me so happy to see how many lives you touched and how many people will continue to keep your memory alive. i know we'll see each other again one day... none of us here really know when. until then, i'll continue our conversations in my head, which is something that you would definitely make fun of me for! i don't bike, so i can't remember you that way, but i will always, always think of you when i listen to queen... and when i'm scared that i'm not strong enough to do something. you will remain a hero in our hearts, charlie prinsep. we will never forget. i love you.

Mircea said...

RIP my friend,

I know what it's like to fight for your life on our crazy roads. We're physically small and insignificant but as a voice we should all scream as one, and maybe, just maybe someone will finally listen.


trudy said...

this is un-fkn believable... i didn't know you at all and i'm so sorry. but you lived your life and made others enjoable, and you should be proud.

Anonymous said...

Val, Caroline, Thoby, we were stunned to read the Globe notice while we were on holiday.

Now back in TO, we want to express our saddest condolences for your loss. We knew you during our time at 439, and it is no surprise to see that the young boy we saw grow up so fast became the man his friends so eloquently describe.

May Charlie be in peace and you find solace in his memory.

Ralph & Karen

Anonymous said...

I did the ride last year (Vancouver, BC to St. Johns, NFLD). I am so sorry to hear the news! Unfortunately this is not a first, as last year I met 4 riders who passed away from car accidents throughout my groups ride. These riders were not part of our group and not with one another (4 separate occasions).

In my experience, last year, many cars and trucks were equally generous with the road and encouraged us on. There are always the bad apples along the way, honking and trying to run you off the road (but in life there are always these kinds of people). The accidents which occurred were all ACIDENTS.

My plead goes out to drivers who DO really care for bikers on the road.... please when in your vehicle or a vehicle which you are not used to (a rented RV, a U-hull truck), please be aware of how WIDE you are. Please do NOT drive when you are SO tired (as it may not only hurt you, but those around you)!!! All the accidents which occurred last summer were due to drivers forgetting how wide they are OR being tired and driving off onto the shoulder!!!

I want to thank drivers who lend a hand to the biker, by passing wide on the left and giving a little honk of encouragement! Canada is a wonderful country full of beauty and wonder and amazingly kind people. I encourage others to venture and see the country they live in/ or visiting in, either by car, train and if they are up to it, on a road BIKE! Canada is a spectacular place! Continue to RIDE, it is a wonderful way to take in the country!

God bless Charlie and his family, Toronto

karman_harrop said...

To Charlies family,
I just wanted you to know that I was riding with my friend Rick over Roger's Pass when Charlie came flying up on his bike at high speed and stopped to introduce himself. We were amazed at how little gear he was travelling with and both of us were very impressed by his gregarious positive attitude. We talked for a long time said goodbye (we are bikers in our 50's not at fitness level he was showing). Later that night we were very happy to see him again in Golden where he was waiting with two delicious peices of pizza for us! We shared a campsite and lots of laughs and political discussion. Both of us were impressed with his maturity and fascinating outlook on the world.
It is a devastating loss to both the community and his family to loose such a fine young man with limitless potential! From
I have a couple of pictures from that evening that I would like to send if possible.
My condolences to his family; you must be fabulous people to have raised such a great guy

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say that i still miss you... like alot... it's sort of crazy... and it really sucks that i don't know what to do with this feeling... hopefully i can find something good to put it in to... you are an inspiration to find somewhere good. hopefully you are happy in the spirtual energy lands... as I said before, you've changed so many peoples lives and will be remembered always... wish you were here to look at and talk to... xoxoxo

Caroline said...

My darling Charlie
I canot believe that it is a month since your last email. It seems like a life time or a minute. I miss my beautiful ray of sunshine so much.
Thoby is here in Dubai with no playmate, he misses so much the camraderie you had. I will never forget the moment in the middle of the Champagne country side on a rainy afternoon when the voice on the telephone said are you pulled over and is there someone else in the Car? Our lives stood still in that moment and in an two words changed forever, the sunlight which you were went out and a gaping hole in our hearts was wrought.
We all miss you so much but you will be loved for always Charlie boy, my darling Charles.
Take care,
All my love as always
Mum xxxxxxxxxx

Mrs. Shu said...

Dear Caroline and Charlie's family:

Thank you for giving us a space here to keep our memories of Charles together with each other...

I would not know how days and nights have treated you since Charles had gone away to some other world.

Charles is well loved person. He is a good person. He has had a loved life. He also shared his love with others.

Thanks to Karman Harrop for sharing his knowledge of the Roger's Pass's and Golden's Charles.

I can imagine how Charles would have described his trip if he were still here.

My boy told me that Charles is a really nice person.

He would if he were here to want us to know to take care of ourselves too. I wish that you are doing okay, it is very difficult, and it is nice that we are all still together.

We all wish that Charles is still here to see more bikers are turned out to be everyday.

I am real sorry for losing Charles and for your losses. I want you to know that your sad feelings are always there with my understanding.

I am sure that both Val and Thoby wants you every day still enjoy your coffee, see things well done, and do things to please you the best.

It is the most difficult thing that a mother has to see that her son is gone at his prime.

I do not know a word to use to describe my sympathy. It is really really unfair and cruel and sad. But you did all you had done and no one can say that Charles was the one at faults.

I wish that you are religious, but I am not sure. Religious people would believe that Charles is now in the embrace of angels and god. He will be perfectly cared. But, we all do not know. Though we can hold this belief to make us feel better.

I wish that you will feel better. I do not know how. But I know that I wish that you will feel better, and feel good.

It is not okay, I know.

It is really unfair.

We however cannot really tell. Perhaps if we count his days and see that each and every day of his is so good and so rich?!

I hope this will help a bit.

We can count from when he was a baby. He has so much care and love from you every day and every moment. He missed none of the care a mother does not give to him. This is the blessings he has had.

He is a very very lucky person. He beams sunshine for all his life because he has never been not loved by you, and he knows no fear of strangers but only whole-hearted sharing and love and politeness and care.

In your embrace, he has never lacked anything rich and good.

I truly feel for you and your family and we, Dan and Caedmon and I, will want only the best to take place in your and your family's life.

Sincerely and whole-heartedly wishing you and your family well,
Florence Shu

Anonymous said...

I am remembering you every day, Charlie. Do you know it?


Margaret said...

For Charlie's mother and father, family, friends and loved ones, I'm sorry for your loss and ours. Charlie was an inspiring example to young people of someone who wasn't afraid to take to the road, to start a long journey, to see where life leads you. Stay strong and be brave.

nelly said...

I bought my bike about a month ago and still trying to get used to it. I was searching through google for relevant subjects and I found out about Charlie. I cried a lot reading his story, his blog and some comments here (especially Emma's and his mother's...).

Words can't describe how I feel that a young boy, full of beautiful ideas and full of life, is no longer amonst us. Who is more deserving than him? Most people live their lives like robots, caring only for money, cars, houses and having what they think is a good time. From what I read, I understand I had a lot of things in common with you and I would love to have met you. We would have great talks and maybe we could be friends. You have everything I look for in a friend and I haven't found them yet. I hope you were aware that you are special and that you should be proud of yourself. Keep riding, wherever you are. You will always be someone who reminds me why it is worth living and chasing our dreams.

(Athens, Greece)

Caroline said...

Hi Everyone
How are you all out there, we love to get your comments it keeps us connected to all of you who knew and loved our dear boy Charlie.
We are cooling down in Dubai and Thoby has a job here now so is living here too with Charlie's big dog , Barley.
We miss Charlie so very much and would love to hear from people.
Take care.
Charlie's Mum

Anonymous said...


I still come here daily to read this blog and these comments; thinking of you and your family and wanting to know how do you do now.

It is nice to see your comments.

I never met Charlie, and always wishing that I had met him.

How old is Barley? I bet that Barley is missing Charlie too.

Florence Shu

Anonymous said...

i met charlie in oregon. i only spent about 3 days with him. (i'm the swiss guy with way too much baggage loaded on my bike).
i never met a cyclist that was so enthusiastic about the next hill. telling you in the evening which hill he took in which gear - you can tell that he really enjoyed them. i guess he liked all the challenges of life. he really enjoyed his days.
i heard about what happened just before i went home from san diego. after that getting home and meeting family and friends was so intensiv for me.
i wanna express my condolences to the prinseps and to all his friends that were waiting to see him again.
Ruhe in Frieden Charlie.

Andreas Moser

carey said...

i miss you charlie.

Anonymous said...

I miss you Charlie.

It would have been the time that I may be able to meet up with you now, when I will be visiting the Pacific Coast now.

I truly miss you and wish all the best to your family!


Caroline said...

To all tose people , friends , family and strangers who have left such moving messages on Charlie's blog,I would like to wish them all a very Happy Chriatmas and safe and successful New Year.
The passing days do not ease the pain of loosing our Charlie but we are so proud of him and proud that he inspired friendship and respect in so many people.
Thank you everyone, grab life with both hands and enjoy every minute of it.

With love
Charlie's Mum, Dad, Thoby and Charlie's dog Barley

Anonymous said...

Dear Family Prinsep:

I was in SF, CA this past week and saw a girl on the bike who looked like Caedmon.

We talked and we missed Charlie so much. We had great memories of Charlie too.

I wish you all well and have a less stressful year in 2008.

We are sure that if Charlie is around, he will want you all be very very happy. Embrace life with both hands and enjoy your love of him and all of you each other too.

Thank you for keeping the blog remained here.

Charlie is a such a great young man.


Caroline said...

Dear all,
It seems strange but I feel everyone who has written so movingly on this blog have now becomepart of our greater family. What a coincidence that you Howard should meet Caedmon in San Francisco, a huge city of millions of people, it makes me believe that Charlie is still around somewhere directing our lives. I hope this blog can remain and won't just vanish one morning when I try to open it. I am not sure how these things work!
Our thanks to everyone who has contributed to this tribute to Charlie I know he would have been amused and proud to know what great friends he had.
love from his Mum xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Charlie,

I remember all those times we rode together. I ran into Emma the other week -

Sometimes I sit here and wonder if this is really real or not.

I remember the time we rode up to Cooks Bay.

I remember the time we did the donut ride into a blinding headwind.

Friday afternoon safety meetings. I won't forget.

Anonymous said...

I miss you so much.

Andrew said...

Dear Charles,

You had many sterling qualities, but what sticks out for me is your honesty. You didn’t allow what other people might think to shape what you thought. I wish more people were like this, and I really miss you.

One of my favourite memories was the second time you came to Massey for dinner. It was raining hard and you arrived in the hall drenched. You’d fought cars, weather and a flat tire but still had plenty of energy for conversation. Unwittingly, you started discussing public space in front of one of the judges of the most recent round of municipal furniture/advertising. When our dinner companion’s allegiance was revealed instead of getting hot under the collar, you cracked a joke. I still admire you for this kind of fortitude.

It might sound crazy, but whenever I feel myself being pulled toward orthodoxy for its own sake (and you know how often that can happen at school), I think of you and I try to behave in a way that you wouldn’t disdain. There is no higher standard.

My thoughts go out to you and your wonderful family.


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone.
It is so good to continue to read your comments. Please leave your names as it makes it so much more personal for us than anonymous.
Charles was very lucky to have so many wonderful people to call friends.
People who care enough to keep him in their hearts..
Val , Thoby and I wish everyone a happy Christmas and safe New Year.

with love
Charlie's Mum who like lots of you misses him very,very much.

Nelly said...

I have this blog bookmarked and I stop by every now and then to read it again. I was happy to see Charlie's mum writing and the thought that her reading this comments, makes her feel a little better, made me happy.

I want to wish to all of your
family to have happy holidays. Always be proud of your sun. When I ride my bike I think of him and he will always be someone I will remember and look up to.

Love and best wishes from Athens,GR

Amy Powell said...

Hello Caroline, I ran into you yesterday in the cemetery in Cabbagetown. I had no idea that you had lost your beloved Charles. I could feel that you were deeply greiving, but I didn't know why. I am so very, very sorry for your loss. I remember walking with Charles and Barley in Riverdale Park and thinking what a lovely, mature and intelligent young man he was. I will keep all of you in my heart. Much love, Amy

emma said...

Dear Caroline Val, Thoby, Barley and Charlie:

To Charlie:

I still cannot believe that you are not here, and that your smile is not still greeting everyone with that open, unassuming awesomeness that was you. Although removed myself from that crazy thing called Facebook, I was just looking at yours (from Jake’s – not quite removed) and there was a post from a girl talking about how she would still have and remember the drawings that you two did together in art class. It makes me think about how you managed to find fun, creative, honest and beautiful moments in everything… and also about how much I miss those moments and wish that they were continuing to happen, as a product of you being you, somewhere on this planet. I think you were open to every adventure in life… if something was meaningful, you would put your whole heart into it. I think about you very often, and try not to be too sad because I know that you would not want people to spend too much time being sad about a situation that they do nothing about. I remember you and think of all of the nice things that you might have done if you were here and sometimes when it makes sense, I try to do them myself. I walk on the sunny side of the street and make loud funny noises around McFly (my dog). He’s totally into it. I miss you alot.

To Caroline Val, Thoby:

I hope that you are okay and that you manage to keep living your lives, and finding beauty in things because that’s what Charlie would have wanted. From what I knew of Charlie, he cared about, and talked about you guys soo… much. I remember once a birthday card that Thoby had made on the computer… and you could tell that he thought it was just the coolest thing in the world... and Caroline… I remember him talking about France (I think…) and you going on some sort of crazy adventure with him… I think on scooters or little mini boats or something like that, somewhat dangerous… I can’t quite recall… but I think that he thought that it was the most awesome thing in the world that you were brave enough to go on fun, sporty adventures with him. You could tell that he was so proud to call you his mother and that he adored you so so very much… And Val… he talked about you all the time too… being overwhelmed by drinks and spicy foods in restaurants… getting too drunk to ski the next day etc. He would pretend whine about this, but you could tell that he totally loved it. He talked about how loud and funny you are and how about how deeply you care about his mother. He was so lucky to have such a fantastically loving family that allowed him to be what ever he wanted to be. He was so happy doing his own thing (be this painting war hammer men, or making cool Styrofoam guns for his roomies) and really wasn’t all that worried about what other people thought about him. You could tell that he knew, from an early age, that as long as he followed his heart, everything that he did would be great.

Charlie was a beautiful man, who is no longer here, but whom lots of people will continue to think about, and take inspiration from thinking about, for a very long time.

I wish you all the best in everything,

Much love,


p.s. to barley: he was clearly obsessed... from paintings on his wall, to full picture albums of you as a puppy, to long conversations about your life in paris, to very serious concerns regarding dog life in Dubai, you could tell that he loved you very much. I hope that you too are dealing okay with his absence…

Caroline said...

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this blog ( if anyone wants to email me directly my address is caroline.prinsep@gmail.com)We have been strengthened by the knowledge that Charlie will not be forgotten.
We would like to Wish you a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a safe and fulfilling NEW YEAR

With love and best wishes

Caroline, Val . Thoby and Charlie's dog Barley who misses his master too xxxxxx

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Caroline said...

Hello everyone
I would like to wish you all a very happy Easter and to keep in touch through Charlie's blog. I wish that he could have told us his last three days of adventures over the Rockies.
Take care we are thinking of him and all his friends
With love and best wishes from Charlie's Mum .
I woder if he would have been able to ride to work all this Winter , I think not!!

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emma said...

This would have been a very tough winter for riding for sure... scary, scary snow... maybe with super big snow tires he could have done it? And if he was really intent about riding everyday i wouldn't put it past him. Although if he had been that intent he probably would have fallen once or twice because the snow in Toronto has been insane! It's actually been a really beautiful winter here in Toronto. Long. I'm beginning to get tired of it, but beautiful! I went tobogganing one night and it was warmish and pretty much magical. It was so snowy that even Bloor St. was completely white! I think that Charlie would have really appreciated the beauty of that night had he have been here to see it.

I have memories of Charlie biking to my house 3 winters ago with his biking glasses, neck covering thing (I’m actually not sure about that one, I may be imagining it only!) yellow bike jacket and blue fuzzy jacket. He always had such cool and bright bike outfits… not to mention his sneakers which were equally awesome! I am always shocked by how little clothing you need to stay warm in the winter if you are cycling - the key - which Charlie taught me - is to get the right type of wind proof jacket... avoid the wind and you are set!

I think about Charlie and his family often and hope that you guys are doing well. I feel so lucky to have his memory to look back on because it is a really beautiful one. It's a memory that makes you want to get up and do lovely, funny and unexpectedly awesome things for the people around you... which is a really, really great thing.

Hope you enjoyed Easter and that April treats you well!

Much love,


Anonymous said...

Hey Charlie,

Sunday - donut ride, 42x14 for you - how about it?


Atia said...

Dear Charles, Happy Birthday…
I know it is one of these days and I keep thinking of you riding your bicycle so enthusiastically this time last year. This weekend driving to our cottage (remember the home-made crossbow and BB gun?) I noticed the lacy white flowers, lining the sides of the highway just everywhere - they reminded of last year again.
Your first image keeps coming to my mind - you and S. were very little, in JK and we were walking along Wellesley Street, looking on the cornerstore at the corner of Sackville. And you read the sign: 'Family Mart' and explained to S. how he is supposed to read it. It was very funny at that time. I like that memory of you.
Take care Charles, wherever you are…
Love Atia and the Pokorny family.

Caroline said...

We will never know what the rockies were like to ride over or what happened from the 56th day to the 60th day at 3.30 pm just out side Brooks Alberta when a big red Cadillac ended your wonderful life!

Kate said...

Hey Charlie,

I went to visit you the other week on a beautiful day while I was out biking and thought I'd come say hello. It's really just unfathomable that almost an entire year has gone by since you were taken from us. A few of us made dinner and gave a toast to you on your birthday on Sunday; I can only imagine the birthday shenanigans we all might have gotten into if you had been with us :)

Your death hugely impacted my life and made me change things I was unhappy with. I went on a trip to Europe that I'd been putting off for far too long and I'm trying to find adventure whenever I can. You always just seized the day with such ease, it was truly inspiring. I've also been biking everywhere! Such a great method of transportation in the craziness of Toronto. Maybe someday a bunch of us can take a trip along the route you traveled.

I'm glad we can read your entries over and over; I loved checking your blog every day last summer to see where'd you been and what you'd seen! It seriously felt like I was there sometimes because of your amazing talent for writing and describing your experiences. I sure do miss that dry sense of humour and witty rhetoric.

It's impossible to forget the horrible evening I was told what had happened, but being with our friends and seeing old faces throughout last August was the best comfort around. And it's always comforting to talk about our memories of you and the hilarious stories we have to remember you by.

You are an amazing person and truly loved and missed by everyone who knew you. Wish you could be here to make us all laugh again since you never had any trouble with that! I hope you had a wonderful birthday wherever you might be.

Love Kate

Anonymous said...

Hi, the Prinsep family:

Thank you for keeping bloggers come back here to remember Charlie.

This time the last year, I was everyday checking to hope to read Charlie's journal about his bike trip.

The earlier part of this year, I was not well and so did not return to this blog.

http://charlesprinsep.org/ is where I found info of the Charles Prinsep Foundation. I thought about it and wanted to share this information with you whoever would like to know about it.

As Charlie had in the last year digitalized his beautiful moments of his trips and wonderful thoughts using this journal, permanence of his cheers was able to stick with me and also to stick with his family members for each and every one of them. Many thanks to Charlie for his beautiful work.

I have been truly missing Charlie and will do so in the rest of my living days. I am not sure that I will be always living as cheerful as he does, he is very special for being that way.

I am sure that Charlie wants all the best to happen to all his family members and bloggers here also.

My best wishes and best regards to the Prinseps, in the day coming when we will remember him for having been taken away to another world, not with any of our permissions.

Many thanks to you the Prinseps for being a wonderful family and for giving us a wonderful journal from Charlie as a treasure.

Dominique said...

Hey Charlie.

Wes, Dan, and I are going to visit you tonight. Just thought I'd warn you so you could clear some time to hang out with us and have a few beers.


Ellipsis said...

are you still biking really really far?

Caroline said...

Hi friends and family of Charlie
This is to wish everyone a safe and happy New year, we miss you very much Charlie
lots of love
his mum xxx

Anonymous said...

There's no better conclusion to a bike ride than to visit Charlie (and occasionally prune his little tree.) A happy new year to all of you.

Dave Anderson
(g3thes at gmail)

Caroline said...

Hi Charlie
I thought you would be really proud to know that Fred has dedicated his web site to his cousin Charlie Prinsep. It has his portefolio on it and there are some really beautiful photos on it. He still hasn't learned to meet a dead line but that is Fred!
all my love
Mum xxxxx

Caroline said...

I love you Charlie, I miss you
Mum xxxx

caery said...

i miss you.

caery said...

i miss you.

Caroline said...

My Darling Charlie
It will be two years tomorrow that we lost you, my wonderful boy. There isn't a minute of the day or night that you are not in my thoghts. I miss you more than life itself and love you so deeply that the pain keeps you alive in my soul.All my love my darling boy
Mum, Dad, Thoby and Barley xxxxxx

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Caroline said...

Hi Charlie
It is nearly Christmas again and I should be preparing for a celebration for all of us but it is not the same with out you here we miss you so much.
all my love
Mum xxxxxooooooo

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Caroline said...

Dearest Charlie
you now have your faithful old dog Barley with you. We miss you and him so so very much. who is going to wake me up in the morning or push us out of bed when he stretched out those long legs of him. He didn't suffer very long and he had a lovely long cuddle before we got up that morning then a nice cool walk where he ran after a cat and a good breakfast with his usual extra crusts. Later in the morning he got ill and I took him to the vet but his stomach had twisted and although he tried he couldn't save him. Thoby Dad and I were their and he knew it, he licked our hand and we stroked him as the vet gently put him to sleep out side on the grass under the stars and now he is with you my darling boy. We miss you both so desperately.
All my love Mum xxxxxx ooooo

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Caroline said...

My Darling Charlie another Summer without you, all your friends miss you and your family more than we can say. We love you and think of you always my lovely boy.
all my love Mum xxxxxoooo

Caroline said...

My Darling Charlie another Summer without you, all your friends miss you and your family more than we can say. We love you and think of you always my lovely boy.
all my love Mum xxxxxoooo

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Emma said...

Hey Charlie,

Just got to thinking about you today... I think what spurred it was the fact that Derek (the most amazing
mechanic who I think is sort of like you were in alot of ways - maybe just in terms of a general awesomeness of some sort and helps direct our little program in your memory) had extra cycling jersey which he wanted to give to me and caitlin and zoe (the other girls - who I think you would have liked alot - who work on the project). I started thinking about how much you loved cycling jerseys and 'team kit' and all that stuff and about how generally awesome you were and about how sad it is that you are not actively with us anymore. That said, I must say that i'm happy that I have you in my memory, because you always inspire me in some way when I take a second to think.

So much love wherever you are,


Anonymous said...

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Russell said...

Recently got a fixed gear, painted it red in honor of you and your cyclops frame you loved so much!

I have retired your colombus hat in honor of you as well. And got to ride some of the same roads out west that you very well may have taken.

Still can't believe it, and miss you every time i ride, which is everyday. I owe my love of cycling to you.

Miss you!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear, an incredibly privledged rich kid died. Yes, yes, I'm sure he was a FANTASTIC person and wanted nothing but the best for the world.

It's too bad he never got to work on solving all the problems facing the world while studing at universities around the world or bicycling across continents.

And before you guys say anything. I *knew* Shiz for years. Nice enough guy but lived in the same kind of isolation/echo chamber that most wealthy privlidged kids do. The don't understand why the world's problems are so hard to fix and figure that they'll be the ones to bring the solutions to us "regular" folk. As someone who family worked and struggled to lift themselves up from the ashes of post WWI Europe I always found his attitude and those of the rest of the crew (you know who you are) offensive. Of course I never said anything, I was only too happy to play along and reap all the benefits of their associations. Two can play that game.

Anonymous said...

Well it's been 5 years since Charlie's death so I guess it's time to let everyone know that he was gay.

Charlie and I had been together for a bit over a year. His family didn't know but there was a very small group of people that knew.

He had been planning to come out to more people, and possible his family, once he was done with the bike trip. That was part of the reason why he went. He needed time to think this through.

A few nights before he left he said that if anything were to happen to him he wanted me to wait 5 years before telling anyone that he was gay. He basically wanted to give everyone a chance to "deal with" his death and give them lots of time to heal before hitting them with this bit of news.

Anonymous said...

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