I'm biking really really far this summer

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


That is all...

PS. its my birthday on the 27th. Hooray for me!


Anonymous said...

you are very very sweet...

There is one remaining point; can you explain

1. were you really in California? The pictures together make it more look like mmmmmmmmmmm..... in general, not that Californian.........,


2. how old will you be? a year older, or, a year younger?

Thanks a million for the good photos,

Anonymous said...

okay, i think that i need to explain my senses about why photos are not Californian, while they were from California.

I think that for a rider as swift as you are, much that enters to your camera lense is screened fastest-paced.

I love these photos; and wishing that you will be always this fast, safe, and happily riding with perhaps beard decoing your face, but younger each day as new days come.

Are you having beer or having wine on your birthday?

Happy Birthday, Chralie,
Lerner again

Anonymous said...

Charlie! Happy birthday from the FGSSBF guys. What an awesome trip. Love the story about the bizarro park ranger, I hope they feed him once in a while.
Mark (nerdsgirth)

Anonymous said...

Hey Charlie
Been meaning to drop a line in your blog T/U for jogging my memory seems like your having a great adventure. Welcome back to canuck-ville!
John (sweep)

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday Charlie.
What new adventures will this year bring?
Your blog is fabulous
Bon voyage and happy riding.
Mum xxxxx