I'm biking really really far this summer

Monday, July 30, 2007

Day 52 (Vancouver - Chilliwack 133km)

Wow! My new bike setup rocks! So much faster! I flew today!
In the morning I caught some of the Tour de France and then had a hearty breakfast while chatting with the very friendly girls at the hostel café and trying to decide which route to take across BC. I stuck with highway 3.
As I said, I was flying and averaged around 30kph the whole day due to a wicked tailwind. My fast time was shot though as I got lost several times in Abbotsford (that place sucks!). I managed to draft a dumptruck for a few blocks which was fun and fast.
Eventually I made it to Cultus Lake and paid the highway robbery price of $22 for a campsite. The lake the campsite was on was phenomenonal though and swimming in it (with all my cycling clothes on) almost made the price worth it. The showers ran out of hot water though so overall it was a total ripoff.
Since it was my birthday I pigged out on Japanese food (not that I ever need an excuse to do that). While I was eating I talked to a guy from Prince George and finally decided to take highway 1 instead of 3, firstly because of the fact that 3 is a longer route and secondly because it has roughly 3 times as much climbing. I am on a schedule and value my knees.


Anonymous said...

Knees are very important things to look after after all. You will need them lifetime to do climbs.


Caroline said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my darling boy
today you would have been 24.
I love you very much and we are going to have a Japanese dinner in your honour and talk about all the great times we had together. your Barley sends his love too
all my love

Caroline said...

I wished you happy Birthday a day too early
We will have Sushi again tonight and talk about all our great times together as a family how we miss you and your old Barley dog, I hope he has become young and frisky again with you and still sleeps on your toes!!!!
all my love Mum xxxxxxxooooooooo

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday , we will be in China this year on the day so will have a Chinese dinner in your honor and think of all those Sunday lunches in China town in Toronto and our Sunday walks or bike rides. We love you and miss you so much. You would have been 27 this year and on top of the world.
All my love Mum, Dad and Thoby
I hope Barley is behaving himself. OOOOXXXXXX

Caroline said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my handsome son. This year I will have Sushi in Toronto on your Birthday and remember all those Sunday nights you and I would have dinner at the Sushi Inn before you went back to your Dorm with clean Laundry. Give Barley a hug from us we miss you both so very, very much.
all my love Mum xxxooo

Caroline said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my darling Charlie. Today you would be 29. We will celebrate your Birthday in Sete with Thoby and Blair, eating oysters, the nearest thing to Sushi. How we miss you and wish you were with us!! all my love Mum xxxxxxx

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday my dearest Charlie, you would have reached 30 today and dad and I would have given you a present that you could cherish. Today we went to the moon train noire and there were so many cyclists on the little roads, how you would have loved it!
Thoby and Blair are in Madagascar and tonight they are staying in a monestry with a beautiful garden , thoby is thinking about you. We miss you everyday and Dad and I saluted you down by the canal with a Kir and a glass of whiskey . We love you and miss you. All my love Mum xxxx